lecythns (Jug)

About this object

History of use

A bottle of this type was probably used to contain expensive liquids such as oils or perfumes. The function was primarily utilitarian but they could also serve a funerary function as grave goods.

Cultural context

utilitarian; funerary

Physical description

Clay jug consisting of a globular body with long tapering neck and flared mouth. Strap handle emerges vertically from body and curves inwards connecting with neck at its mid-point. Bottom of jug flares into a small ring-like base. Colour of clay is cream with decoration in orange consisting of bands and vertical lines. Mouth of jug and interior are orange. Neck decorated with three horizontal lines to above handle; below handle attachment point on neck-body junction is a thick orange line; below this is a wide area left reserved except for three groups of vertical lines, below this is a thick horizontal band, three thin lines and another thick band. Below a reserve band are another series of horizontal lines and a thick band at the foot. Side edges of handle are orange and its face is decorated with three bands.