About this object

Cultural context


Iconographic meaning

Source states that the mask is a spirit, and the asymmetrical mouth represents facial paralysis.

Physical description

Oval-shaped wood piece with the back hollowed out. Human face. Worn white painted surface with red spots showing through. Dyed blue are the long, incised crescent lines for the eyebrows, the inside of the mouth, and one line from the nose to the mouth. Blue spots in other facial areas. Wood of cheek and eye areas has been cut away. Lozenge-shaped eyes, and mouth open to underside. Mouth at rim of cut-away area is asymmetrical to nose. Two articulated wedge-shaped wood pieces nailed, one at each temple. Drilled holes in head and forehead for feathers now missing. Holes, one on each temple has twisted synthetic cord strung between them. Knotted brown shoelace(?) piece in hole on left.