Wall Calendar

Physical description

A long, vertically rectangular calendar that one horizontal rows of twelve months side-by-side on the lower portion and an image on the upper portion. Calendar is in the year 1993 in English in black with Sundays in pink. The main part of the calendar has the image of a deity, Ganesh ?, with six arms on a blue background. The figure's s right leg is on a rodent while the left leg is up against the right leg. Wearing a headdress with green, blue, and pink jewels. Blue, purple, and pink jewels decorate the white body. The figure's upper right arm is holding an axe. The other arms are holding ornamental objects. There is a pink flower in front of the rodent. In the lower left corner, there is a black and white symbol in a square. In the lower right corner, there is a circular green, blue, and orange symbol in a black square. In between the main image and the months, there are pictures of seven bottles and one box. In blue, below, there reads 'HINDUSTAN CIBA GEIGY LIMITED - Agricultural Division'. There is a metal support folded over the top and bottom edges and a flat braided pale blue fibre loop attached at the top back centre.