Wall Calendar

Physical description

A long, vertically rectangular calendar that has a bottom part consisting of three tear away sewn pages containing four months side-by-side in the year 1994. The main part of the calendar has the image of the deity Shri Rama over a temple (the Ayodhya?). The deity has a case with two or three spears and tridents on the back and is holding a bow and an arrow in each hand. The deity is pale blue-skinned and is wearing a jewelled gold headdress, earrings, a necklace, pearls, and a garland over a pink upper garment with rings and bracelets. In between the image and the months is a light pink section with dark blue script; in the lower right corner, it reads 'PRINCE FINE ART P.S.R. ROAD, SIVAKASI'. Just above this is an image of a scooter. On the opposite side, there is a three-wheeled covered vehicle. There is a metal support folded over the top edge and a flat braided yellow fibre loop attached at the top back centre.