Wall Calendar

Physical description

A long, vertically rectangular calendar that has a bottom part consisting of three tear away sewn pages containing four months side-by-side in the year 1992 in English in blue with Sundays in orange and to the right side an area for 'notes'. The main part of the calendar has the central large image of the deity Hanuman (monkey god) with another deity on each shoulder. The deity on the left shoulder has pale blue skin and has a quiver of arrows on its back with its right palm facing the viewer. The deity on the right shoulder is holding a bow in its left hand. Hanuman is wearing a jewelled gold headdress, necklaces, a garland, and a green scarf with a purple and orange lower garment. The other two smaller deities are wearing yellow pants with pink scarves. There is a yellow halo behind. In between the image and the months, there is a light brown section that has dark blue and red script.