Wall Poster

Physical description

A long, vertically rectangular poster that has the image of the deity Ganesh sitting on a rock in a field of grain. The back hands are holding a poink flower and an axe while the front hands are facing an open palm to the viewer and holding a trident respectively from left to right. Ganesh is wearing a jewelled headdress with a peacock feather at the top, necklaces, bracelets, a garland, a yellow lower garment, a pink scarf with gold trim, and a green belt with a snake around the waist. On the rock, to the right side, there is a black rodent with two peacocks on the grass below. Below, there is a yellow section that has five pictures of various products on the left side with blue and black script on the right side and below. There is a metal support folded over the top edge and a flat braided blue-grey fibre loop attached at the top back centre.