Wall Calendar

Physical description

A long, vertically rectangular calendar that has a vertically rectangular, white section for the calendar in the year 1991 with the three months across and four months down in English in green with week days in red and numerical dates in black on the lower portion and an image of a sitting elephant figure on the upper portion. The main part of the calendar has the image of the deity Ganesh ? with breasts and four hands holding a tear-drop-shaped ornament, an axe-like ornament, a circular object, and a cylindrical object. The figure is wearing a gold headdress, a white lower garment, pearls, and is holding a container with its trunk. In front of the figure, there is a mouse or a rat eating cheese. The background is white. In green, below, there reads 'PROAGRO SEED COMPANY LTD.'. There is a metal support folded over the top and bottom edges and a flat braided light blue fibre loop attached at the top back centre.