About this object

History of use

Such figures are displayed in the alcove (tokonoma) of the best room of the house for Boy's Festival (tango), on the fifth day of the fifth month. The figure represents an armed warrior of the Muromachi Period (1392-1568 C.E.).

Cultural context

boy's festival

Physical description

Male samurai figure (part a) seated on horse (part b) with one arm perpendicular to body, holding a rattan staff (part c) with his right hand. Left arm rests near long curved sword, attached to waist with silk cord. Quiver with five arrows on back. Figure made of straw, has white ceramic face and black fibre wig, dressed in gold silk brocade, with armour of gold coloured metal lamellae laced with red and pale blue silk and brown leather. Horse (part b) of paper mache(?) is covered in imitation grey fur. Brown glass eyes. Reins of purple and white diagonal striped silk, bridle and long body fringe of red silk, saddle of leather, lacquer, silk and fur.