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Physical description

Hide is stretched over wooden frame. Cradle is laced in front and decorated with beadwork (floral design) in brown, green, blue, mauve, yellow, white, black. Each side of cradle has a mirror-image beadwork pattern starting at the bottom with a white leaf outlined with brown, a dark blue leaf outlined with pink, an aqua-blue leaf outlined with orange, and a four-heart-shaped-petaled flower of white outlined with brown on a green stem. Hood of cradle has a beaded central white, pink, green, and dark blue flower with a white, blue, and orange leaf on either side. Top of cradle has a beaded white flower outlined with orange and having three green filaments surrounded by a curving pink and dark blue line with yellow leaves outlined by green on either side. Top rim of cradle coiled with white and black beads. Facial features of doll inked on. Adorned with beaded strings, metal bells, and beaded necklaces.