haori (Kimono Jacket)

About this object

History of use

Haori (羽織) is a formal jacket worn over kimono. In the the past, haori (羽織) was worn as an overcoat only by men, but now worn by both men and women.

Physical description

Orange and black haori (羽織) or jacket/overcoat. The upper portion has white karajishi (唐獅子, literally ‘Chinese lions’), mythological animals based on lions and keman-mon (毛卍文, lion’s curly hair patterns) motifs as the symbol of the sun on black ground. The lower portion has black peony motifs on a resist-dyed orange and white ground. There is a wide band around the neck and down the centre opening. There are black ties on the inside of the centre opening. The short, wide sleeves have an opening under the arms. The upper inside is lined with orange silk.