Ikutaujuk Surprises the Kayakers

Physical description

Stonecut print of two kayaking men. The men have dark hair and are wearing hooded parkas. Both are using double-bladed paddles and have three black bundles on the back of their kayaks. A man-like monster is swimming under the water, on the left side of the print, and pointing up at one of the kayakers. He has long hair and is wearing a long-sleeved shirt, pants and tall boots. On the shoreline, a woman is depicted exiting a light yellow-brown tent. She is wearing a hooded, long-tailed parka and tall boots; she is holding a pouch(?). In front of her tent is a fire pit with a pot over it; jagged clouds of black smoke(?) surround it. A large bird is flying along the right side of the print. Water is dark brown-black with white dashes throughout; shoreline is dark red-purple with white spots throughout. Along the bottom edge of the print the edition number, a syllabic inscription and date are written in pencil. Diamond-shaped blind-embossed stamp in bottom left corner.