Model Totem Pole

About this object


Model for Raven and Beaver Memorial Pole located behind the UBC Museum of Anthropology; pole was carved as part of the Haida House Project which was completed in 1962.

Cultural context

contemporary art

Iconographic meaning

Segmented rings represent prestige of chief.

Physical description

Large scale model pole constructed in three segments: raven at top; ringed centre; beaver at base. Top: horizontal raven is carved and painted in black and red. Feathers carved on belly and painted black. Wings carved with u and ovoid forms, painted black and red, wings held next to body. Wide feet with four ridges for claws are held next to body, drilled hole between feet. Middle: nine wide undecorated sections, graduating in circumference to base, are separated by eight slightly indented bands; metal peg at top and base. Base: Small bear held between u-shaped ears of beaver. Ringed stick held in curled forepaws beneath lower lip band; frontal humanoid face resting on curled hands at base of tail between bent fore and hind limbs. All eyes, brows and ears of bear painted black.