jeogori (Jacket)

About this object

History of use

Such “Jo-go-ri”, made of extravagant fabrics were favoured in the postwar period, to be worn as formal wear. Heavy, shiny rayon called “Yang-dan” was very popular and famous at that time. During the 1950s the underarm seams were longer than those worn both previously and later, and the garment as a whole was wider, making it more comfortable. Formal wear, however, retained the shorter underarm seams and shorter length. The curve at the lower edge of the sleeve was deeply rounded at this time. Graceful curves, like those at the lower edge of this garment, are important in Korean aesthetics and reflected in various forms, including architecture.


Most of the clothing in the J. McRee Elrod Collection was made for him and his family by friends while they were living in Korea, much of it by Kim, Sung Sook. She and her family lived cooperatively in the same house as the Elrod family. While they were there, the Elrods preferred to wear Korean clothing on very cold days and for social occasions. They found it to be more comfortable than western clothing in cold weather, as public buildings were unheated in the period immediately following the Korean War. It also was more comfortable for floor seating in Korean homes, and easier to store with limited furniture than western clothing. The children’s clothing was worn by their children Mark and Lona.

Iconographic meaning

peaches are symbols of longevity.

Specific techniques

The garment is machine sewn except for the stitches attaching the white collar, which are done by hand.

Physical description

Pink jacket with heart and floral pattern. The centre opening has front panels that overlap to the right when closed. The jacket has a deep V-neck edged with an outer facing. The neck is finished with a narrow facing or collar of white silk. Two long thick ties are attached to the lower left facing and to the right of the facing. Thin white inner ties are sewn to the inner right inner facing and the left underarm seam. The long sleeves are set in with a straight seam and a convex curve on the lower edge, narrowing to the wrist. The inner lining is off-white rayon with a small square pattern.