About this object


Dishes A3413 and A3414 are said to have belonged to B. Willie's father, then given to the Dawson family. (T.D.J., 1962). One of twelve belongings loaned for display at the Dawson family potlatch in Alert Bay, Aug 2019.

Cultural context


Physical description

Wooden, dish carved in shape of a sisiutl with a rectangular shaped bowl. The dish has two faces carved and painted on either side of dish. The faces consists of black brow, black eyes and nostrils with a green background. The teeth are carved and have black paint for a mouth. The cheeks and nose are protruding and the eyes and nose are painted green. The two ends have handles emerging from the dish in the shape of serpent-heads with protruding tongues. The heads have blue, green and white detailing along with black eyes and brow. The teeth are carved. The bowl is painted blue, green, black and white with Northwest Coast stylized designs.