hiłiwe' (Headdress)

About this object

History of use

Used by Hamats!a in earlier stages of initiation (Mrs. Hawkins, 1966). Used by heliqaxaste' when A6131 is worn on forehead (C. George, 1966).


Belonged to Chief Herbert Johnson of Gilford Island (B. Scow, 1966).

Physical description

Cedar bark headdress in the form of a rounded bird beak: two semi-circular flaps at front representing a beak with two long oval shapes that sit on top of beak, a hooked nose that projects out over the beak. Bunched cedar strips are attached at the top of the headdress frame with thick white string, and white string is wrapped around the base of the frame at the back. (Photos show the mask without the nose piece in 2009; nose repaired in 2021.)