About this object

History of use

Clay head originally from a figurine. It is possibly from Tlapacoya, a pre-classic archaeological site in the Valley of Mexico.

Physical description

Hollow ceramic head wearing a headdress. Eyes, nose and lips are carved in relief. Eyes are oval-shaped, painted black and have holes drilled in their centres; black eyebrows painted above. Small holes drilled into bottom of nose, imitating nostrils. Mouth is open with the bottom lip sticking out. The head has protruding ears with holes drilled through the lobes. Holes are trimmed with black paint. Headdress has long panels that hang down the back and sides of the face. Panels and edges are carved in relief and painted black. Rectangle-like protrusion, with rounded front, carved in relief on top of headdress. Curved edge visible from front of headdress, remainder visible from back. Rest of headdress, covering top and back of head, is sunken and undecorated.