Nomali Figure

About this object


Marcel Ollivier was the French Consul General posted to Freetown, Sierra Leone, c. 1960s-1970, during which time he purchased this collection of objects (2853/1-9). He later finished his diplomatic service in Vancouver as French Consul General from 1982-1986, after which he retired to England. The objects were donated to MOA at the specific request of Ollivier, via his daughter-in-law.

Physical description

Standing nomali figure. The head is large and oblong to front and back, with large ears carved on either side, protruding eyes, a wide nose, and a hint of a mouth. Below a short neck is a round and protruding torso at the chest and buttocks, leading to combined legs that are bent at the knees. The arms of the figure are slightly bent and meet the lower body at the thighs, where the hands are smoothed into the legs. The figure stands on a circular base.