Nomali Figure

About this object


Marcel Ollivier was the French Consul General posted to Freetown, Sierra Leone, c. 1960s-1970, during which time he purchased this collection of objects (2853/1-9). He later finished his diplomatic service in Vancouver as French Consul General from 1982-1986, after which he retired to England. The objects were donated to MOA at the specific request of Ollivier, via his daughter-in-law.

Physical description

Kneeling nomali figure. The head is elongated and topped with a round headdress that has a deep bowl at its centre. Scratches in the bowl suggest it was used as a container in some form. Carved into the face are eyes and a mouth, a hole for a right ear, and at left, a large oval shape. Below the short neck is a narrow chest and two arms bent so that the hands rest on the stomach, where a hole has been bored. The left side of the figure shows a leg bent at the hip and knee, indicating the figure is kneeling. The right side beneath the arm is not clearly carved.