About this object

Cultural context

functional; decorative

Iconographic meaning

Features an illustration of Saint Elisabeth (1207–1231), who was a princess of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Countess of Thuringia in Germany, and a greatly venerated Catholic saint. She was married at age fourteen, had three children, and was widowed at twenty. She gave her wealth to the poor and built hospitals, where she herself served the sick. After her death at twenty-four, she became a symbol of Christian charity.

Specific techniques


Physical description

Powdered purple earthenware tankard, baluster shape with flat base, loop handle from mid neck to mid body and flat pewter lid hinged at handle top. In centre body a reserved cartouche with portrait and "S. Elisabt" inscribed. Flowers surround the portrait. Relief leaves applied at handle ends. Borders around the neck and lower body, blue half circles on white ground.