The Mahabharat for Children Part-II

Physical description

A forty-one page colour story book titled 'THE MAHABHARAT FOR CHILDREN PART - II'. Published by B. R. Anada with the first edition in 1984 and a reprint in 1992. Retold by R. S. Nayak with the English version by P. K. Trivedi and art done by Chandra Trivedi and Rajnee Vyas. The work is about the story of the Pandavas and Draupadi going into exile. Arjuna obtains the divine missile 'Pashupat' from the god Shiva in the form of the Lord of Kailas Pashupatinath. Bhima has to fight and kill the giant Kirmir who wanted to avenge his brother Baka. Draupadi requests Bhima to get more flowers where he meets Hanuman. Duryodhana of Kauravas gets the promise of Karna (son of God Son to Kunti when a maiden and undefeatable with an armour and ear-ornaments given to him by his father) to kill Arjuna. Indra disguises as a Brahmin to obtain Karna's armour and ear-ornaments as alms so that Arjuna may be protected and gives Karna a one-time use-able instant killing weapon after being impressed with him. Yudhishthira has to answer the crane Yaksha's questions to be granted a boon from the lord of the lake from which his brothers drank and died so that Yaksha would enliven them. The Pandavas disguise themselves to survive the last year of exile in Viratnagar (Yudhishthira as a brahmin named Kank, Bhima as a cook named Ballav, Arjuna as a dance teacher named Brihannala, Nakula as a cowherd, Sahadeva as a stable-keeper, and Draupadi as Queen Sudeshna's chamber-maid named Sairandri). Duryodhana sends people in search of the Pandavas so that they will have to be exiled another twelve years. Ballav defeats the wrestler Jimut at the great annual fair held by King Virat and teaches the Queen's brother, Kichak, a lesson for his bad behaviour to his sister. Duryodhana suspects Ballav as Bhima and sends his friend Susharma before him into battle where Arjuna wins and has his son, Abhimanyu, wed to King Virat's daughter, Uttara. The Pandavas and the Kauravas prepare to battle for their kingom. Arjuna asks Shri Krishna for himself with Duryodhana asking for his armed army. Shri Krisha and Karna's mother Kunti ask Karma to fight for the Pandavas to of no avail. Shri Krishna offers to be Arjuna's charioteer since he must be unarmed while Arjuna is to defend the entire army with Draupadi's brother, Dhrishtadyumna, leading as commander-in-chief. Bhishma of the Kauravas becomes the commander-in-chief for his side with Karna to arm himself when Bhishma can no longer fight. Krishna has to persuade Arjuna to fight for justice despite the expense of his kinship. Bhishma blows his conch and declares war with Arjuna shooting an arrow at his feet as a mark of honour that Bhishma returns on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Bhima's son, Ghatotkacha (mother is the giantess Hidimba), defends his father from Bhagadatta with his flaming trident. Bhishma dies on a bed of arrows and advises Duryodhana to divide the land between the two while asking Arjuna to give him a drink by shooting an arrow into the ground to split the earth and reveal cool water. Drona replaces Bhishma as commander-in-chief for the Kauravas and Karna enters battle, Abhimanu (fifteen-year-old son of Arjuna) is killed by the Kauravas in opposition to the ethics of war. Arjuna kills Jayadratha to avenge his son's death before sunset else he would have to burn himself alive according to his oath. Karna avenging Jayadratha's death by using the one-time use missile from Indra on Ghatotkacha. Drona kills King Virat (his sons were killed before him) along with King Drupada whose son, Dhrishtadyumna, vows to avenge his father's death. Shri Krishna sends word that Ashvatthama (actually an elephant) was killed with Drona assuming it is his son and is killed shorty after. The end of the battle of Mahabharata, and the end of Shri Krishna and the Pandavas is also told.