Embroidered Textile

About this object

History of use

This panel is the upper portion of a toran, which is a rectangular, decorative frieze used to adorn doorways on special occasions for good luck.

Physical description

Embroidered, rectangular textile panel, heavily stitched in soft colours with cotton and silk thread on red cotton fabric. Very little of the background textile shows through the dense stitching. The design consists of rows of large circles, separated by narrow bands of black and yellow diamond motifs. Mirrors are incorporated into the design motifs. Three edges of the rectangle are finished with five rows of multicoloured (teal, light blue, magenta, chartreuse, green) cotton binding (machine stitched). One long edge is raw, with the remnants of machine stitches where something has been removed. One end of the panel has a border motif of circles, mirrors and diamond shapes. The embroidery is underlined with scraps of multicoloured textile.