Physical description

A ninety-six page colour comic book titled 'Drona'. 'AMAR CHITRA KATHA DIGEST Vol. 565'. Published in 1993 by H. G. Mirchandani, for India Book House Pvt. Ltd., edited by Anant Pai, retold by Kamala Chandrakant, and with art done by P. B. Kavadi. The work is about the story of the valiant archer Drona's ('vessel') (the great sage, Bharadwaja's, son). He is brought up as a child with Drupada (King Prishata of Panchala's son) and is married to Kripi (Kripa's sister) who gives birth to their son whom the heavens proclaim as Aswatthama. Drona obtains Parashurama's weapons to help in his studies on the science of arms. Due to Aswatthama being humiliated over milk, Drona takes his family to leave with his friend, King Drupada (who inherited his father's kingdom upon his death), who reneges on his promise to Drona that he would be welcome at his place because they are not of equal rank. Drona goes to his wife's brother and has his family received there. Drona teaches Bheeshma's princes (grandsons) the science of arms to avenge the insult he received from Drupada. Arjuna becomes Drona's favourite pupil. Drona does not accept the Nishada Prince Ekalavya as his pupil for fear that he will outdo his royal pupils. Ekalavya teaches himself to excel in archery under Drona's statue that he builds so that Arjuna becomes concerned. Drona has to ask for and receive Ekalavya's right thumb in payment to maintain Arjuna's supremacy. Drona askw for his fee from his royal pupils by getting them to capture Drupada for him. The Kaurava princes with Arjuna capture Drupada and Drona claims Drupada's kingdom for himself. Durpada pleads in the name of friendship so that Drona splits the kingdom between the two of them so that they may be equal friends again. Drupada invokes his son, Dhrishtadyumna, and his daughter, Krishnaa, to avenge his insult against Drona. In the eighteen day war of Mahabarata, Drona kills Drupada on the fourteenth day. In Dhrishtadyumna's grief over his father's death, he avenges him by killing Drona who is caught off guard in his belief that his son is dead;however, Drona's body is already ascended into the heavens over his own grief.