Krishna and Jarasandha

Physical description

A ninety-six page colour comic book titled 'Krishna and Jarasandha'. 'AMAR CHITRA KATHA DIGEST Vol. 518'. Published in 1993 by H. G. Mirchandani, for India Book House Pvt. Ltd., edited by Anant Pai, script by Kamala Chandrakant, and with art done by Pratap Mulick. The work is about the story of King Brihadratha going to the sage Chandakaushika and getting a mango to feed his wife so that she may bear a son. He splits the mango to give to both of his wives, resulting in the birth of two sons split in half. The queens abandon their dead children through the midwives. The Rakshasi, Jara, joins the two children together and the child comes to life. The king names him Jarasandha in honour of Jara. Jarasandha rules for his father who is living in the forest with his wives. The evil King Kamsa meets his end through Krishna. Jarasandha wants to avenge the death that caused his daughters to become widows but Jarasandha is beaten in battle by Krisha seventeen times. Kalayavana joins Jarasandha. Krishna leada Kalayavana into a cave where Kalayavana kicks a sleeping form whom he assumes is Krisha but is really the Muchukundra who reduces Kalayavana into ashes with his stare. Krishna and his brother escape. Bheema, Arjuna, and Krishna challenge Jarasandha who only accepts Bheema's challenge. Jarasandha and Bheema fights for twenty-seven days. Krishna shows Bheema how to defeat Jarasandha by splitting a branch in half lengthwise. Bheema tears Jarasandha into two to defeat him and Yudhishthira is crowned the king of kings to perform the Rajasuya sacrifice.