The Lord of Lanka

Physical description

A ninety-six page colour comic book titled 'The Lord of Lanka'. 'AMAR CHITRA KATHA DIGEST Vol. 541'. Published in 1993 by H. G. Mirchandani, for India Book House Pvt. Ltd. and edited by Anant Pai with art done by Pulak Biswas. The work is about the story of King Sumali of the Rakshasas having his daughter Kaikesi marry Vishrava to get strong sons. Vishrava tells Kaikesi that their children will be wicked except for one noble one. Kaikesi gives birth to the ten-headed Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Shoorpanakah, and Vibheeshana. Kaikesi wants Ravana to become greater than Kubera. The three children pay penances with Ravana sacrificing his heads and boons are granted by Brahma (Ravana gets all of his heads back and will receive death by none except mortals whom he does not fear and the power to change form at will, Vibheeshana receives immortality, and Kumbhakarna receives sleep for many years). Ravana demands Kubera to vacate his Kingdom of Lanka at Sumali's goading. Kubera seeks advice from his father who tells him he would be safer to leave and so he does so. Ravana gets more arrogant with his superiority, and Kubera sends a messenger to Ravana to stop his slaughter of innocents. Ravana challenges Kubera to teach him a lesson but Kubera is taken up by a heavenly chariot by the gods. Ravana seizes the Pushpak flying chariot of Kubera. Ravana lifts Shiva's mountain, Kailas, and Shiva crushes Ravana's hands by stepping on his mountain so that Ravana must sing him praises for his release. Shiva being pleased, gives him a sword. Ravana conquers all in his way. Ravana meets Vedavati who is trying to get Vishnu as her husband. Vedavati refuses to marry Ravana, and she jumps into a fire she has created while declaring that she will cause Ravana's death. Vedavati becomes a baby whom Ravana takes back to his camp. Being told that the child will bring about his death, Ravana throws the child in the river. King Janaka adopts the child, Vedavati, and names her Sita. Rama wins the contest for Sita's hand in marriage. Ravana pursues his daughter-in-law, Rambha, who escapes to her fiancee, Nalkoober (Kubera's son), and he proclaims a curse that should Ravana marry a woman against her will he will have his head broken into several pieces. Ravana abducts Sita although he does not force her into marriage for fear of the curse on his heads. A battle follows which kills him. Rama crowns Vibheeshana as the new Lord of Lanka.