About this object

Iconographic meaning

Mirror work compensates for arid dessert conditions, reflecting pin-points of light resembling shimmering water.

Specific techniques

Orange textile: spin and ply unidentifiable, rayon(?); balanced plain weave 1/1, cut and constructed. Backing: spin and ply unidentifiable, cotton; balanced plain weave 1/1, cut and constructed. Embroidery: yellow; spin and ply unidentifiable; cotton per patterns created by herringbone, crossed, single running buttonhole and chain stitches.

Physical description

Unfinished strip of orange textile, heavily embroidered with a row of alternating yellow and white half-circles, decorated with small mirrors. Flanked by two bands of continuous multi-coloured chains outlined in black. Narrow green and purple stripe on top of wide band of multi-coloured triangles, connected to multi-coloured diamonds, all outlined in yellow, decorated with white dots on colours and between. White-yellow backing. Top edge is selvage. Three other edges are unfinished, but fastened with basting.