About this object

History of use

Grave figure


Collected by Roy Dunlop.

Physical description

Woman's figure with bearded man's face on back of her head. Elongated neck and elaborate coiffure. Black painted wood. Much stylized human figure, black, with faces on both sides of the head. One face has large open eyes, two grooved brow lines, a big nose with wide nostrils, and a wide mouth with a double arrow-point-like incised design on each cheek. The other face has small open eyes, a slight upraised brow, a small nose, and a small mouth with slightly fuller cheeks, and a goatee. The elongated neck has five protruding bulging rings. The wide shoulders round out to the arms which are bent so that the hands are underneath the belly of the face with large open eyes. Figure has breasts, and a naval on the one side with the large open eyes while the figure has a flat chest (or back ?) on the other side with small open eyes. The side with the large open eyes has feet with toes while the side with the small open eyes has rounded feet. At the top of the heads, there is carved a three-curved hair line across the middle while at the sides of the heads, there is carved a three-curved hair line with incised line patterns. On a base.