About this object

History of use

Ladakhi families are self-sufficient in the production of woolen goods. Both men and women spin, picking up their spindles whenever they have a spare moment. This is a drop spindle which may be used while sitting, standing or walking about. It is common to see people spinning at any time, in the market, walking down the path or while talking with friends. Goats are shorn once a year; wool is soaked in mashed rice water for 3 days, then the water is squeezed out. White chalk is mixed in, and removed along with all other extraneous material and tangles. The soft wool is then spun. The left hand twists the p'ang while the right feeds wool onto the spindle and pulls it out in long threads.

Cultural context


Physical description

A wood spindle, cut, and carved. Tapers to a blunt end at one terminus and to a long slender point at the other end.