About this object

History of use

Used for storing and pouring liquids.


Early Cypriot III-Middle Cypriot II; 2000-1700 B.C.E.; Red Polished III Ware.

Cultural context


Physical description

Jug made of red, fine grained clay, glazed with white filling in incised decoration. Pyriform body, narrow cylindrical neck. Small bell rim. Semi-circular, rounded handle from rim to shoulder. On neck are two groups of seven encircling grooves, then a frieze consisting of four circular motifs set on a central defining line which divides each motif in half. One half of the circle consists of eleven concentric lines defining a half circle. The other half circle consists of two concentric lines framing oblique strokes. The circular motifs alternate these elements above and below the line. Ten encircling lines at bottom crossed by groups of oblique strokes at irregular intervals.