ūnāzes (Musket Case)

About this object

History of use

Musket cover

Physical description

The case is long, narrow, made of skin and decorated with beadwork and tassels. The case is wide at one end and tapers to a narrow end. The wide end is open with blue, green and yellow beadwork on a band of red fabric. Where the case begins to narrow is blue, green and yellow beadwork on black fabric. The narrow end of the case is sewn shut and two pieces of fabric are attached. Each attached piece has two prongs with a red centre surrounded by a light and dark brown fabric. The pieces have blue, green and yellow beadwork. On the end of the attached pieces and along the tapered length of the case there are tassels. The tassels are made of dentalium shells, red and blue beads and red and blue wool. The tassels are on one side only, while the beaded panel extend around the case.