Black Fishs

Physical description

Nearly symmetrical painting of fish. Central figure is a large fish with yellow eyes and a big red mouth. The body of this fish is detailed in red, green, yellow and black. On the tail of the central figure there is another face that has pointed ears and an angled red mouth. Above this tail there is a small round face that has pupil-less eyes. This figure has red and yellow wings extending from it. On either side, the large fish is flanked by two abstract ovoid figures that have black U-shaped appendages. Also flanking the central figure are two fish in profile. They have coloured detailing on their bodies and fins on their backs. Like the central fish, these profile fish have faces on their tails. These tail faces have pointed ears but they do not have mouths. In the upper left and right corners are two abstract figures with yellow circles at their centre that are very similar. There are, however, small differences between these figures so they are not symmetrical. The artist’s name and the title of the work are written in pen at the bottom of the paper.