About this object

History of use

Rattles were used at ceremonial occasions and by shamans in healing and sacred ceremonies. In ceremonies it would be used by a speaker for emphasis. Different rattles had different powers. The making of rattles was a special task requiring the careful selection of wood and handling of all aspects with respect and ritual.

Cultural context


Physical description

Brown wood rattle roughly carved with the top piece in the form of a bird and the bottom piece in the shape of a rounded semi-oval. The two pieces are tied on the sides with sinew ? and bound together with white string and beige cotton cloth around the handle. Painted with a black eagle design. The black head has rounded eyes with dots on the beak. The body has a pair of black rectangles that have dots within and from which flow three s shapes down along the lower back side with dots all around. The bottom piece that is the belly of the bird has a pointed black ovoid in ovoid with curvilinear lines and dots all around. Fourth piece is missing. No noisemakers inside.