About this object

History of use

Represents a character from the Ramayana saga.


Purchased in the 1970s by a friend of the donor, who was a representative of the Canadian government posted in Singapore. Thought to have been carved by either Ida Bagus Ngurah or his son, Ida Bagus Gelodog.

Physical description

Wooden painted mask of the queen character. Humanoid face with narrow eyes, a wide nose and rounded cheeks. Mask is wearing a gold crown, with curvilinear motifs carved into it. Hair is painted black and done in two stylized ponytails that curve down and extend outward from the face. Mouth is closed and painted dark red, rimmed in black. Face is painted beige with slim black eyebrows. Eyes are grey, rimmed in black and red. Mask has holes for eyes and nose. Holes drilled into either side of mask with rubber band attached for hanging. Ink inscription inside of mask.