About this object

History of use

Represents a character from the Ramayana saga.


Purchased in the 1970s by a friend of the donor, who was a representative of the Canadian government posted in Singapore. Thought to have been carved by either Ida Bagus Ngurah or his son, Ida Bagus Gelodog.

Physical description

Wooden painted mask of the character Rahwana. Humanoid face with bulging eyes, a protruding nose and two fang-like teeth. Red and black scalloped headdress on top of mask. Central scallop is light blue and has three triangular protrusions in front of it, painted gold. Abstract designs along the bottom of the dark red scallops, done in blue, red, green and yellow. Stylized linear motifs across all of headdress, some resembling flames, done in white and black. Curved triangles along top of headdress, in front of the scallops, painted gold. Red, blue and green circles painted across curved triangles. Gold horn-like shapes on either side of headdress. Long, oval-shaped protrusions on sides of face. They are painted black and have white curves and lines painted on them, imitating facial hair. Similar designs around the mask’s brows, mouth and chin. Mouth is open and has large white teeth along the top edge, with a fang-like tooth on either side. Mouth painted dark red, gums and tongue are pink. Face is painted dark teal, and eyes are orange and yellow, rimmed in red. Mask has holes for eyes, nose and mouth. String ties nailed onto back of mask. Ink inscription inside of mask.