Bentwood Box Panel

Physical description

Set of three detached bentwood box panels. Front panel has stylized image of animal in black and red. A large face at top is painted in dark brown, with eyes angling down at outer edges. Below are two sets of rust and brown coloured eyes, round. Bottom corners show painted hands with fingers erect, thumb tip pointing at sharp angle to touch the side of lower face. The leftmost hand is partially obscured due to a badly broken edge. Back panel has stylized painting of animals and eyes, in dark brown and rust paint. Crosshatching can be seen in several areas. Hands are painted in the bottom corners, thumbs bent, with damage to the bottom right obscuring part of the hand. Several large stitches of cedar root can be seen along the right side of the panel. Side panel shows four faint painted lines in a rust red colour, running from bottom left corner upwards toward opposite side's midpoint. Faint suggestions of other lines above. On right edge are cracks where wood has been bent, and an undercut on the backside of the old bend. All three have hanging hardware on the back.