s̲ē (Belt)

Physical description

Beaded belt with flap and long beaded neck strap. The belt is composed of two long rectangular strips of hide overlaid with red wool trade cloth that attach to a wide rectangular section of hide at centre. The two strips attach at the back with two mismatched metal buttons. The front section has a flap with red wool facing out, and interior lined with a burgundy with brown floral fabric. All edges finished with blue binding and edged with white beads. The strap is composed of two long pieces of red wool back with beige fabric attached at the neck. The strap has four matching beaded designs in light blue, light brown-yellow and black. The belt flap has three similar sun-like designs in a row in black, white, light pink, light blue, dark blue, and yellow-green. Two more mirrored beaded designs are on each hip in light blue, navy blue, light pink, violet and dark green.