About this object


Rosita Tovell's father was a collector of Peruvian pre-Columbian ceramics. Rosita moved to Peru in the early 1960s, while her husband served as ambassador to Peru and Bolivia. During this time Rosita began to study and collect pre-Columbian Peruvian ceramics and textiles.

Physical description

Polychrome female effigy bottle with bridge handle connecting conical spout and face. Face design with lenticular eyes, opening on top of head, nine braids to back and four different designs on both arms: (1) Semi-oval designs with dots in the interior and protrussions on top are surrounding inverted triangular shaped face; (2) geometric bird design; (3) female face with long hair; (4) band with ten orange-brown and red-brown dots in the interior. Female with both arms at front, carrying a child with face in relief on her chest. Five head designs with proliferated motifs at lower-front and side of body. Snake design at back with two eyes, line with dots in middle-curved body and triangles in outer borders. Light beige, black, red-brown, orange-brown and white paint. Polished surface; partially hand-built ceramic. Slightly broken.