About this object


Rosita Tovell's father was a collector of Peruvian pre-Columbian ceramics. Rosita moved to Peru in the early 1960s, while her husband served as ambassador to Peru and Bolivia. During this time Rosita began to study and collect pre-Columbian Peruvian ceramics and textiles.

Physical description

Polychrome cup with rounded base and straight, cylindrical body. Feline deity painted design in light yellow-white ground with elongated eyes, rectangular mouth with tongue outside, face whiskers and strings of disks hanging beside the head. Feline figure is holding a trophy head with its right arm, a stick with the other and is wearing a cape with five horizontal bands, and mice and plant designs in outer border. The middle band has black dots and the body has one elongated eye in the middle. Cream, orange-brown, grey, red-brown, orange, black, dark purple and light yellow paint. Molded manufacture; polished surface. Breakage repaired.