Kachina Figure

About this object

Iconographic meaning

The design on the clothing represents a Hopi blanket pattern.

Physical description

Large kachina doll. Carved from wood, figure has a square head, rounded, with feathers attached to top and left side, and a single ear emerging from the right. On a base of brown, face is painted orange, blue, black and yellow around the black slit eyes. The figure has a long round nose, painted blue and orange. A thin cotton string is wrapped around the neck. Head sits directly on the shoulders, with carved arms held close to body and fists at stomach. Torso is painted blue, orange and yellow, with a ā€˜vā€™ shaped chest decoration in white. A long skirt with black, orange and blue stepped patterning down the right side covers most of the legs, with large feet emerging below and attached to a square base.