About this object

History of use

For storing and pouring liquids.


Cypro-Geometric II, 950-850 B.C.E., Bichrome Ware.

Cultural context


Physical description

Clay jug made of light orange/red, fine-grained, hard-fired, full of white limestone particles and dark grits. Grey/white slip covers entire surface. Grey/black and red, thin, matte paint. Originally spouted vessel has a low ring base, oval shaped body, short narrow neck, flaring mouth and vertical handle from rim to shoulder. The decoration consists of a black band on neck, a band at junction of neck and body, a frieze of concentric circles on shoulder, a large group of black bands framing two broad red bands in central portion of body, a broad black band on lower body, strokes on handle and three rings on the inside of the mouth. Spout missing.