Physical description

A drawing on a single-side piece of white paper. The drawing is horizontally oriented. The left edge of the paper is cut at a curve; the top edge is longer than the bottom edge. On the far left-side, a wide "V" is drawn in yellow; a green line borders the inside of the "V," and a brown line is drawn on the right exterior edge of the "V." Extending vertically from the center of the "V" is a green band filled with crisscrossing assemblages of green lines. Green circles, of various sizes, are drawn horizontally in the interior space of the "V." In the centre of the drawing is a human skull outlined in brown ink; a brown harpoon tip attached to a rope is drawn behind the skull. A green bar filled with a crisscross pattern is positioned along the bottom edge of the paper; a human-like hand drawn in brown ink grips the top of the bar. On the right-side of the drawing is a yellow "L" shape rotated ninety degrees clockwise; the exterior of the "L" is bordered by a brown line and the interior is bordered by a green line. A wavy green band filled with crisscrossing assemblages of green lines, extends horizontally from the "L" to the right edge of the paper. The reverse-side of the paper is blank.