furisode (Kimono)

About this object

History of use

Furisode (振袖), a style of formal kimono with long swinging sleeves. Worn by unmarried women on auspicious occasions such as weddings. There are three different types of furisode with different sleeve lengths; ō-furisode (with longest sleeves, around 115cm), chū-furisode (with long sleeves around 100cm) and ko-furisode (with shorter sleeves, around 80 cm).

Physical description

Light green damask kimono with an abstract floral pattern. The neck and centre opening are edged with a wide patterned band. The sleeves have long hanging panels and an opening under the arms. The damask is woven containing a linear motif. The pattern has flower, leaf and cloud motifs in orange, purple, white, red, gold, blue and green on light green ground. The neck band is lined with cream striped silk and two strings have been stitched to create loops on the inner back.