Physical description

A drawing on an off-white coloured bookmark. The front-side is a hand-drawn image of a killer whale positioned vertically with it's head at the bottom and it's tail at the top of the bookmark. The whale's eye is enclosed by a diamond, and an oval with a crisscross pattern. Air exits from a blowhole. The outline of the whale's body is heavily shaded in with pencil; drawn in the open interior space of the whale's body are two ovals with two intersecting lines and two small creatures. A small dorsal fin is drawn on the whale's lower back. The pectoral fin is decorated with four open circles. The whale's tail is a wide U-shape and is decorated with abstract designs and a crisscross pattern. The reverse-side of the bookmark is machine-printed in blue ink. The bookstore's logo, comprised of the store's name, "The Book Guild of Portsmouth," an image of sunrays, a building and a sail boat, is at the top of the bookmark. Their commercial information is printed below.