Physical description

A pencil drawing on a beige bookmark. The bookmark is vertically oriented. The front-side of the bookmark is a hand-drawn image of an aquatic scene. At the top are two heavily shaded wave-like shapes representing the waterline(?). Above the water is the top section of a boat stern; this section is coloured with light grey pencil, an unshaded band crosses the top right corner of the stern and a unshaded circle is drawn in the top right corner. Below the waterline is the remainder of the stern with a rudder; the stern(?) is shaded in with pencil except for the left edge which has an unshaded border, the rudder is unshaded, and a small unshaded circle is positioned above the rudder. Below is a large harpoon on a frayed rope. The border of the harpoon is unshaded, the interior is coloured light grey, and a polka dot covered shaft protrudes from the center of the harpoon. Extending from the bottom right corner of the bookmark, and surrounding the harpoon, are long strands of sea kelp. At the very bottom of the drawing is the profile view of a human-like being's head. The human-like being's face is lightly shaded with pencil, the eyebrow ridge is coloured dark grey, and a rope-like headpiece sits atop of the being's hair. The reverse-side of the bookmark is machine-printed in black ink. At the top, lines of text, describing the benefits and use of sweet grass, are printed. Below, the company name, "Sweet Grass," logo and phone numbers are printed.