Physical description

A drawing on a bookmark. The front-side is a hand-drawn image of a killer whale in black and red ink with traces of pencil outlining the body of the whale. The head of the whale is angled upwards; it is decorated with black ink with the exception of the space between the teeth and the lower jaw which is filled with a red stripe pattern. The whale's blowhole is embellished with two black dots, a red diamond with curling arms and a red horizontal oval, forming an upside-down face? The midsection is decorated with three creatures all with black eyes and teeth, and red mouths. The pectoral flipper is embellished with three creatures; the one closest to the whale's head is drawn upside down in all black ink, the middle and the end creature both have black eyes and teeth but red mouths. The upper portion of the tail is decorated with a human-like face with two eyes drawn in black ink, nostrils and an upper lip in red ink, and rounded teeth outlined in black ink. Black ovals with inner red ovals and two intersecting red lines are drawn in the tips of the whale's tail flukes. The reverse-side is machine-printed. At the top is the bookstore's name, "Acadia Art & Rare Books," and the store's hours. The middle section of the bookmark lists the store's specialities in black ink; the names of famous artists are printed in the background in grey ink. Commercial information including the store's address, telephone and fax numbers are listed at the very bottom of the bookmark.