Physical description

A pencil drawing on a bookmark. The front-side of the bookmark is hand-drawn. Depicted at the top is a float attached to a rope; one end of the rope is frayed while the other end of the rope, located in the bottom-center of the bookmark, has a harpoon(?) attached. Below the float is a hook-shape with a small fin drawn on the right end; at the other end of the hook is a small human skull. To the right of the hook are two decorated fins; the left is shaded with pencil except for a small uncoloured oval towards the top; the right one is unshaded and is decorated with an oval and three tower-shapes. At the base of the two fins are two human skulls, the left skull is drawn upright and the right skull is inverted. A third wide fin(?), decorated with an oval, extends from the frontal bone of the inverted skull. In the bottom left section of the bookmark, a large human skull is drawn overtop of a shaded whale(?) head. The reverse-side of the bookmark is a vertically oriented, machine-printed image of a red-brown rabbit in a green plaid jacket holding a yellow pocket watch in one hand and an open book in the other. The phrase "SO MANY BOOKS" is printed in yellow at the top and "SO LITTLE TIME" at the very bottom of the bookmark.