Physical description

A drawing on a bookmark. Depicted on the front-side of the bookmark is a vertically oriented whale and human skull; the images, drawn in blue ink, are set against a white background. The whale is portrayed as swimming headlong into the water. The whale is decorated with criss-crossing assemblages of blue line patterns in varying lengths and thicknesses; a thick blue line extends from the whale's belly to the tail flukes. A stream of air, drawn as blue dots and dashes, exits the whale's blowhole. Between the whale's eye and the thick blue line is a human skull; the interior of the skull is uncoloured but the eye cavities are filled in with the same crisscrossing line pattern as on the whale's body. Braille indentations from the reverse-side of the bookmark are visible on the front-side near the whale's air stream. The reverse-side of the bookmark is machine-printed in blue ink. Along the right edge is braille writing. At the bottom of the bookmark, in white, is the Canadian National Institute for the Blind logo and a line of text.