Physical description

A drawing on a bookmark. The front-side of the bookmark is a hand-drawn, vertically oriented image of a killer whale set against a white background. At the top of the bookmark, two small circles are cut from the paper. The killer whale's head is decorated with a green eye patch within which is a red diamond, a red and white ovoid, and the whale's eye. Red teeth line the mouth of the killer whale. The dorsal fin extends from the killer whale's head up towards the left circle cutout; it is decorated with a red and black ovoid, a red arch, and a black and white tower-shape. Air from the killer whale's blowhole, drawn as green dashes, streams in an arch around the dorsal fin to the right edge of the bookmark. Beneath the head, the pectoral fin is decorated with a white oval and a red cross. The body of the whale is a thin black oblong-shape with three white ovals. At the end of the body is the whale's tail outlined in black and decorated with red and black lines and ovals. The reverse-side of the bookmark is a machine printed image of a cartoon horse holding two books. Above the horse are the words "MAKE FRIENDS WITH BOOKS," in orange-red print. The artist appears to have drawn a skull and crossbones on the horse's hat, an eye patch over it's left eye, an anchor on the right arm, and a hook on it's left hoof.