About this object


Handwritten in pencil on the reverse-side of the page are the lines, "...And, from time to time, thli'naksti(?) falls to nisma and a nayakak comes to life and begins the long journey back to dreaming and thence to Taa'winisim, that great Talking Stick out in the universe, to wait and fall back, again, and..." and "Cancer is a pain in the brain."

Physical description

A pencil drawing on a diamond-shaped piece of white paper. The front-side of the paper is a hand-drawn image of a thunderbird, set against a white background with seven small grey stars. Drawn above the head of the thunderbird is a large diamond-shaped star with a trail of dashes suggesting that it is a shooting star. Two rounded feathers(?) sit atop the bird's head. A circular eye is surrounded by a teardrop-like shape. The beak is decorated with a tower-shape in an arch, and circular ovoid. A waving arrow extends from the mouth of the bird. A line of wide rounded zigzags, starting at the base of the bird's head, descends into a talon(?) decorated with a horizontally positioned oval with a cross. A wing, extending from the torso, is embellished with a creature with teeth and an eye-shape(?), an inverted tower-shape, and two shallow crescents.