Physical description

A drawing on a blue-grey coloured bookmark. The front-side of the bookmark is a hand-drawn image of a killer whale with an exaggerated body that extends around the head of the whale to the top edge of the bookmark. Above the head is the whale's dorsal(?) fin; at the very top of the bookmark is the whale's tail. The dorsal fin is decorated with three creatures, all with eye-shapes and teeth. Two human skulls are drawn on the whale, one on the whale's head and the other between the tail flukes. The whale's tongue extends outwards towards the left edge of the bookmark. An inverted lightning serpent(?) is drawn at the bottom of the bookmark; the head of the serpent is decorated with abstract shapes, a crisscross pattern, and stars. A human skull is drawn within the curve of the serpent's body. The reverse-side of the bookmark is machine-printed in black ink with information for an "I.Con II" conference, including dates, location, etc.