Physical description

An abstract drawing of a whale on a white business card. The front-side is a vertically oriented image of a whale drawn in purple ink and light grey pencil. The body of the whale, positioned in the middle of the page, is an oval with a purple border; the interior of the oval is white. Extending upwards from the oval to the top edge of the page is the dorsal fin; the outline of the fin is purple and the interior space is white. Drawn in pencil at the base of the dorsal fin is a circular blowhole. The pectoral fin is drawn underneath the oval; a purple circle is positioned at the body-fin joint. Between the pectoral fin and the oval body is a short tower-shape drawn in pencil. Below the pectoral fin is the whale's symmetrical tail; the tail flukes are outlined in purple ink. A pencil square with a cross is lightly drawn in the background space of the tail. The reverse-side of the page is horizontally oriented and machine-printed. Positioned on the left-side of the paper is a small image of a tree surrounded by a green forest. To the right is the commercial information for the artist Jill Paris Rody, printed in black and blue ink.