Physical description

A drawing on a bookmark. The front-side of the bookmark is a vertically oriented image of three whales and a skull hand-drawn in black pen on a grey-white background. At the top of the bookmark, a whale in an arched position, releases air from its blowhole. Baleen lines the mouth of the whale and the pectoral flipper is decorated with a tower-shape and an oval. Below the whale is a large human skull with a cross drawn in the center of the forehead; the left-side of the skull is lightly shaded. Below the skull are two smaller whales; the left whale has baleen teeth and swims in a downwards motion while the right whale swims upwards and does not have baleen. A human arm and hand, decorated with an ovoid, extends from the right side of the skull along the right edge to the bottom of the page. The reverse-side of the bookmark is a machine-printed promotional advert for Malaspina College. The background is a dark turquoise colour with two dark pink lines running along the left side of the page. Within a white rectangle, the college's subject offerings and address are printed in dark pink and dark turquoise.